Procurement Training

Procurement Training

A comprehensive Procurement Training was organized by OPERATIONS360 on Jan 5, 2019 on Procurement and Vendor Management. Number of professionals participated in the workshop working in energy sector, government sector, telecom, aerospace and health care. Other than these, majority of the participants are working for Non for profit organizations (NGOs). Training was led by UN Certified trainer for Procurement and Supply Chain management for small and medium organizations.

Why Procurement is important.

Procurement plays vital role in businesses when it comes to cost cutting and cost management. It has been observed that most of the organizations are unaware even with the basics of procurement activities and current practices followed by organizations are too messy causing inefficient services, high lead time and cost of operations.

What is covered?

Basic concepts and functions of supply chain management, procurement and vendor management were explained by the trainer. Latest tools and techniques were introduced in the training sessions for carrying out effective and efficient procurement operations in all kind of organizations. Different activities were performed by individuals and groups to link best practices in their organization’s environment and how overall organizational objectives can be achieved.  

All participants appreciated the initiative and motivated to optimize their supply chain and procurement operations in their organizations at their earliest.